Rubin Investments

Rubin Investments

Liders in company restructuring.

We advise on commercial transactions, prepare expert opinions and legal opinions.
We develop and negotiate draft contracts and supervise their proper

Company restructuring

Experience in restructuring, sales processes of commercial companies.

Financial consultancy

As part of comprehensive service to our clients, we also offer financial advice to small local as well as larger entities.

Business stategies

We provide internal audit services, also in the public finance sector.

Our cooperation offer

Company restructuring:

External audit – restructuring plan

Preparation of a new development perspective for the company, defining its current place and indication of development directions and ways to achieve them. Effective obtaining of financing (bank loan, funds from the EU, investment fund). Employment analysis, construction and implementation the structures needed to implement the company’s development plan and integration of new structures with the rest of the company.

Organizational consultancy:

Optimisation of the organisational structure. Problem identification and solutions. Adjusting the structure to the company’s strategy. Organisation of workshops and training for participants in the different stages of the process in order to design optimal solutions.

Analysis and financing of projects:

Support in obtaining financing.

Temporary business management:

It is implemented by a high-class specialist with proven experience, ready to conclude forward contracts for the duration of specific tasks


He is a graduate of the University of Economics in Krakow in the field of business management. He is a expert witness in the field of management, marketing and advertising in enterprises.

Marketing strategies

IIdentification of problems and real solutions in the form of structure optimization are just the tip of the iceberg.

Arranging of finance

One of the many solutions that we often have to deal with is raising capital.

Business based on partnership

We are sure that each long-term action brings the expected benefits.

Crisis management

Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained in situations requiring extreme solutions, we can feel like specialists.

We know how to develop your business in real time

Many people ask themselves questions and, despite many attempts, do not want to help themselves. Yes it’s true! You must be aware, dear customer, that we also do not have a super-healing remedy because such things do not exist. However, our knowledge and experience and the constant pursuit of a predetermined goal is the fruit that turns out to be the solution to the problem for our client.

Rubin Investments offers class-tested solutions for business modernisation.

Therefore, by sending a simple enquiry by email or any other means of communication, you lose nothing and can only gain another partner in business and beyond.

As a representative of the company, please feel free to contact me.

Jacek Sokołowki.


Advanced security services

Strategic Security Management

Support in the construction or verification of the Security Strategy.

Risk & Security Management

Support in the field of effective operational risk management.

Security Management Plan

Support in the preparation or verification of the Safety Assurance Program.

Security Compliance

Support in verifying the correctness of implemented solutions with applicable law, quality standards and leading market practices.

Security Integration & Support

Support in the preparation and implementation of Safety Projects

Public Relations

Support in the field of management of relations with the business environment and Communication Crisis, Public Relations, Public Affairs, Media Relations.

Why do our clients trust us?

One of the many factors that make us a leader in a given field is the fact that we have experience based on references, and we work with people who, like us, are specialists in their field.

Professional and honest

in partnership relations

Intelligent and bright

in ongoing projects

Trained and experienced

in financial matters

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References and opinions

Successful projects
New partners
New contractors

Look for our solutions and support
Innovative services at various stages of implementation.

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